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Ashley is an actor, model, and educator.

She has appeared with Central Square Theatre, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Speakeasy Stage, Zeitgeist Stage, and many others in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York areas. She is a native of Newburyport and has been a lifelong participant in the area's theaters, including The Actor's Studio and The Firehouse.

As a standardized patient, she works with medical students to hone their communication skills, and as someone in long-term recovery, she performs with 2nd Act to educate and hold conversations with people of all ages about substance use disorder.

In her downtime, she reads, thrifts, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and constantly renegotiates her relationship with caffeine and ways to dumb down her smartphone.

You can see her next in Jack Neary's THE STANDS at the Player's Ring in Portsmouth, NH, May 26th to June 11th, 2023.

(Website photography by Christian Pendergraft.)

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